Friday, February 15, 2008

Hey Two New Slide Shows...

So tonight we went to watch Latoya cheer. I actually got to go this time because my day care wasn't open due to no power! :( I'm glad I was able to go, though. Here are some pictures that I took during the game. They're mostly of Grayson. He was right next to me and he kept "talking" to me so I just had to take some pictures! Enjoy!

I saw this slideshow and I really wanted to use it. The pictures in it are all from college. They are my friends that I miss tremendously! It's been hard being away from them and the slideshow in a way is in honor of them.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snow, snow go away...

Just thought I would do a update real quick. Things are going great at work...I'm still loving it. I go to the gym three or four times a week. It depends on what works out. I would go more but I have no time! When we do go to the gym we usually don't get home till about 7 p.m. Then I pretty much go to bed by 9:00-9:30 the latest. So my days are pretty much taken up with work and the gym. Yesterday my work was cancelled because of the weather. I was kind of excited because I wanted a day off. Then last night my sister called to tell me that my day care had no power. I knew that wasn't a good sign. I woke up this morning around 6:30 to check to see if it got cancelled. I got a call about 6:45 saying it was cancelled due to no power. I was kind of frustrated because I really didn't want another day off. Oh well...what was I going to do. So I went to the gym with my sisters this morning and then we went to Freeport.
I better have work tomorrow. Am I the only one sick of snow?!? As to the title of my entry: Snow, snow go away and don't come back another day!!! :)
P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So much to little time

This picture is of the girls that I took this morning in cubbies. It was so cute that I just had to post it!
Not much is going on right now. My job is still amazing! I love the kids and the workers there are great. They all have been really helpful to me. I'm definately learning as I go!!! This Monday will be my fourth week working there. Time sure does go by fast! Thursday I had the day off because of the storm. I'm suppossed to go in at 9:00 on Thursday's. Well at about 8:00 I got a call. It was my boss asking me if I wanted the day off. There wasn't that many kids there that day due to the weather. It took me a few minutes deciding on whether or not I wanted the day off. Finally I said yes. It was wierd because during the day I kept thinking about the kids and I actually missed them--well most of them! :)

Saturday I was in training for CPR and First Aid all day! Fun, fun, fun. Actually it wasn't that bad. It was just a lot to take in for one day! Then I had a appointment to get my hair cut that night at Jc Penny. I got it chopped off! Here is a picture of it. I really like it. It's pretty easy to fix and it's different.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Fire fighters at my day care...

Well, as you all know I work at Harvest Hill daycare. I completed my second week today. Yes, I have to admit at times it does get a little frustrating but I love it. The kids are pretty good for the most part. They are very busy kids that keep me on my toes!!! :) I still feel like there is so much I don't know but I'm learning. I'm starting to get a lot of things done pact. I should be a pro at this after awhile! It's been a little warmer outside this week. We went outside and played on Tuesday and Thursday. The kids love to go outside because they can run free in the fenced in yard and have fun. I like it because they play better outside and when we come in it is time for lunch and then it's my favorite time of the day. Naptime!!! I live for that! They lay down from 12:15 - 2:00. Not all of them fall asleep but most of them do.
Today we had a surprise. We were eating lunch and waiting on some pizza. All of a sudden the smoke alarm went off which caused the fire alarm to go off. We called and told the people that are charge of the system that it was a false alarm. They said they would tell the fire department so they couldn't come over for nothing. Well a few minutes later in the middle of our lunch in walked two huge firemen all dressed up. The kids were so excited. They all were like hi, hi, hi! A couple of the boys ran up and started to talk to them. I think it made their day seeing real fireman! They were extremely tall. They were over 6 feet tall!
Below is slideshow of some pictures of my preschoolers. I haven't been able to take too many because my flash isn't working on my camera so I have been using my camera phone until it gets fixed. Enjoy!!!