Thursday, November 27, 2008 has been entirely too long since I've posted anything!

Sorry about not keeping up with this! Things have been crazy, crazy busy! But that's time to get bored. So what's new? Umm...well the thing that has kept me the busiest is my job. I can't believe it but I have been there 10 months already. Man has the time flown by! I really love teaching! I was telling the kids yesterday that there would be no pre-school on Thursday and Friday. All of a sudden they were like: "But we're gonna miss you!" If that doesn't get you I don't know what would. I seriously love those kids and look forward to each day at work. Yes there are hard times but that's for learning!
Onto something different...I'm gonna be a Auntie again! My sister Sarah is pregnant again! Yeah! I'm so excited. I'm going with John and hoping for a girl!!! I think she would be beautiful!!! Not that my other nieces aren't! :)

Since today is Thanksgiving I wanted to list what I am thankful for:
1) My God and my salvation
2) My Country
3) My family
4) My Preacher
5) My friends- too many to name individually
6) My job
7) My little kiddo's at work :)
8) My cubby kids at church
9) My dog, Copper
10) Anything I might have forgotten!!! :)